Thursday, April 29, 2010

Spring Storms

Yesterday I spent the afternoon at the Cabana working on Reservations to send folks to Stehekin this summer, 50 miles uplake! The puppy (now 13 years old) snuggled on the wool rug. Clouds gathered outside and I was aware that the waves had come up under the decks, the splashing sound is always so mesmerizing to me. Suddenly the wind came up and my little cabin creaked, and Bowser perked his ears. A flash of lightening lit the sky above town! "Hang on" I told my friend on the phone as I eased the shaking pup into the Bathroom corner on the warm pebble floors, Spring storms are a complete nightmare for the frightened dog. I finished my phone call and watched the skies changed again, sun rays shooting across the waves on the lake. First storm of the season, a bit of rain, and now the hills are amazing green!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Welcome to The Cabana, Our Little Slice of Heaven...


This is our happy place, our place to play, to worship the sun, and best of all - it's our place to relax. We'd love for you to come experience our special corner of the world, but before you do so, you should also read about us!